Club Management

Our approaches to Club Management are multifaceted and designed to yield maximum results, revenues, efficiencies and improvements.Senior Management
Approaches Include
  • Coordinate operations and marketing programs.
  • Prepare operating and capital budgets for approval.
  • Install our TQM (Total Quality Management) process.
  • Provide regular employee training sessions.
  • Contest the real estate and persnal property taxes, if applicable.
  • Negotiate leases, purchases and repairs for all equipment.
  • Provide operating and business forms to improve efficiency of operations.
  • List the club as a participant in all of Carolinas Golf Group’s national account purchasing programs.
  • Set the hours of operations, rates and fees, with Board approval.
  • Oversee the hiring and termination procedures.
  • Produce a schedule of the events to be held at the club on a weekly basis.